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Technique + Expression Coaching for Your Team

Low quality headshots that don't match send the wrong message about your company.  It makes it hard to see the value you'll bring to new partners and it costs you money.  My headshots and expression coaching make sure your team looks as valuable as they are.


- Either bring the mobile studio to your location or send a small group to my studio in Wilkinsburg.


- I'll coach each person on what to do with their face and body and they'll be able to choose their favorite image.


- Images are delivered within 10 days of final payment.

What is Expression Coaching?  You've probably noticed that often times when people smile in photographs it just doesn't reach their eyes.  It can make the photo look flat.  Expression coaching is my unique way of teaching people about their face and interacting during the session to get real expressions that make sure you look as confident as you are.


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