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I'm excited to update headshots for you and your colleagues at H.W. Kaufman on Wednesday, January 12th at my studio at 907 West St. Pittsburgh, PA 15221.      

Below you will find a calendar for you to choose your personal 10min headshot session.  After you choose your time slot, you'll get an email confirmation.  Thanks and see you soon!

Some Simple Tips for Your Headshot Session!

What do I wear?  I typically ask clients to make sure that whatever they wear, it fits them properly.  If you wear something that is loose, it can make you appear bigger than you actually are in your headshot.  Make sure your collars are crisp and your shirt and jacket are wrinkle and stain free.  It's also a good idea to stay away from crazy patterns and colors.  We want your face and expression to be the star of the show, not your lime green 3 piece suit. 


Classic business or business casual is always best.  This ensures your headshot doesn't look outdated. 

What about jewelry?  I caution against any kind of ornate jewelry.  Again, we want your face and expression to be the star of the show.  After all, it is a headshot.  

What about my hair?  Men, make sure to get in with your barber for a cut and make sure to trim up your facial situation.  Ladies, your hair should be styled and neat.  I'll have a brush and some hair products if we need to tame anything as we go.  

What about my face?  It's a good idea to make sure your face and lips are well moisturized.  This will help give your headshot a refreshing and polished look.  The trick is to not over-moisturize.  We don't want you looking shiny in your photos.  I will have some matte make-up in the event that you've gone a little too far.  Ladies, don't go overboard with your makeup.  Especially avoid really heavy eyeliner and foundation.  I have found that a more natural look makes for better results.      

But I wear glasses?  Glasses are totally welcome.  In fact, if you have more than one pair, bring 'em!  I love picking the perfect set of glasses to take a headshot to the next level.  Make sure your lenses are smudge free and they fit your face well.  Depending on the types of lenses in your pair, I may have to finesse my lights to get the glare under control but it's generally not an issue.

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