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Headshot Prep Guide

1. Facial Expression!

While getting great authentic expressions is the foundation to you looking confident in your headshots, there are other details that play a role as well.  Skim through this list to get an idea of how to prepare!

2. What Should I Wear? 
Most importantly, you should wear something that makes you feel confident and physically fits you properly. *

2a. also make sure to BRING WAY MORE CLOTHING than you think you'll need.  It's ALWAYS good to have options and you never know what will and will not work.


3. No Crazy Colors or Patterns! 
Very bright colored shirts can actually reflect back into your skin giving it a strange hue. 
While this isn't a huge deal to fix in post, it's better to avoid it all together. Additionally, busy patterns tend to cause a moire effect in a digital image i.e. it looks weird!


4. Keep Jewelry To A Minimum.
In short, we don't want to distract from your face. Jewelry can be a distraction from what's most important in a headshot, your face!


5. What If I Have A Skincare Issue? 
That's no problem! Please let me know before you leave so I can directly address the issue in post processing. A good skincare routine can definitely do wonders to help you look your best when it's your turn to get your headshot, but it's not 100% necessary.


6. Haircuts Welcomed. 
Getting a haircut isn't 100% necessary unless you're really overdue. Though, it is a good idea if you can make it happen.


7. Trim, Trim, Trim. 
Beards are definitely welcomed and most times encouraged, but definitely trim it up. Even a lengthy beard is totally okay, but a completely untamed beard can really put a damper on things.

*Pick something to wear that you love, unless you've been directed to wear company brand attire.

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